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Your mental health and wellbeing is important to us. In reading about and responding to the consultation, it may be that you have thought more about your own or a loved one's mental health. We know that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought many difficulties and challenges for us all. If you would like to contact local mental health services for information, advice and guidance, please follow the steps below:

1Emotional wellbeing support

If you need non-urgent help, visit our emotional wellbeing support page for local resources and options. Also for wellbeing and self-help resources please download our Wellbeing workbooks and plan in different languages:

2NHS Direct / GP

If you are unsure or worried about what you might be feeling or experiencing

You should consider calling NHS Direct on 111 or your GP to make an urgent appointment.

You can use the NHS mood self-assessment tool to help you understand how you feel, and to point you in the direction for helpful advice and information. Please note, this tool is not intended to replace an appointment with a GP.

3NHS mental health support

If you are in need of urgent NHS mental health support you should call our Mental Health Central Access Point

0808 800 3302

24/7  Freephone helpline for people of all ages in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

We have combined our central access point and mental health crisis line for adults to offer urgent help for people of all ages in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland via a single, 24-hour Freephone number

Using Turning Point’s established Freephone number, the Mental Health Central Access Point is for people of all ages, offering around-the-clock access to urgent support and solution-focused conversations, signposting and referral for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

Calls are handled by Turning Point’s skilled and experienced recovery workers who can access clinical advice from LPT’s specialist clinicians as needed. They will talk with you to agree the best support for your urgent mental health needs.

If you are deaf and have urgent mental health needs, you can use the NHS 111 British Sign Language service by clicking here.

Existing service users and referrers should continue to use the contact details you have been provided with between 9am – 5pm. If you have an urgent need outside of these hours please contact the Central Access Point.

Click here for Easy Read.

4Dial 999

Dial 999 if there’s an emergency

Call 999 or go to A&E now if someone’s life is at risk – for example, if they have seriously injured themselves or taken an overdose.

For under 18s

If you are under 18, or care for someone under 18 who is not currently supported by our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), please call the Central Access Point.

For professionals making a referral to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), please continue to use existing referral routes.

Click here for Easy Read for under-18s.

If you need non-urgent help, visit our emotional wellbeing support page for local resources and options.

Are you passionate about mental health?

LPT is recruiting a brand new mental health role to work alongside our GP partners in our local communities. 

Visit our website to find out more about these new roles and how to apply.