Key documents and links

In this section you will find all the documents and links that are relevant to the consultation. To help you find what you need, you can use the links below to take you to each section:

Consultation documents

Our consultation document is available in several formats. As well as the full consultation document there is also a shorter, summary guide.

Versions of the summary document are available in other languages, easy read format, large print and html.

After you’ve discovered more information about the proposals, we would encourage you to complete the consultation questionnaire.

Rose is at university living away from family and friends but is struggling with her mental health. The video shows how the new proposed system could help Rose get the right support she needs.
Steve is a 50 year old veteran and struggles with low mood. After drinking heavily he experiences suicidal thoughts. See how the new proposals could help Steve.
Ebrahim lives in Highfields, Leicester. He is unemployed and has seriously contemplated suicide. Find out how the proposed changes to mental health services locally could help Ebrahim. 
Kimberley lives in Melton Mowbray, she is 25 and has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. She constantly attends A&E because she doesn't know where to go for help.
Ella lives in Loughborough. She has been diagnosed with an emotionally unstable personality disorder. Ella experiences suicidal thoughts.
Sunita is 36 years old and lives on her own in Leicester. She has a partner, but they don’t live together and she finds it difficult to maintain a relationship with family and friends. 
Agata is 26 and is Slovakian and gave birth 13 months ago. Agata has been exhibiting concerning behaviour since giving birth: low mood, guardedness and paranoia.
Natalie’s is 30 and her first pregnancy was traumatic. Both Natalie and her husband want a second child, but Natalie is anxious about giving birth again. 
Stephen is 45 and lives in Hinckley. He cares for his elderly mum and has a history of anxiety and depression and is known to mental health services.
Living in Leicester, Sandra is 32 and has a history of childhood trauma, social care involvement and offending behaviour.
Alan is 70 and living alone. His husband died several years ago, and since then he has been struggling with loneliness and isolation. The current pandemic is taking its toll on Alan.
Brian is 70 and lives in Lutterworth. Since his wife died 2 years ago, he now lives alone and misses her greatly. He feels very sad, isolated and doesn’t see the point of carrying on.
Fariha is 80 and lives with her husband in Rutland. They rely solely on public transport. Lately she has become more forgetful.
Robert is 49 and has lived on his own in a flat for 15 years. When he was 21, he was diagnosed with psychosis. He gets mental health support twice a week, but has recently begun to struggle with daily activities.

Strategies and plans

Our proposals to invest in and improve adult mental health services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are based on both local and national strategies and plans. You can read more about national policies and plans in the documents shown below.